The capital of the Northern Territory comes as a surprise to many people. Instead of the hard-bitten, rough-and-ready town you might expect, Darwin is a lively place with a young population, an easygoing lifestyle and a cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Darwin looms larger in popular imagination than the size of its population might warrant. It is, and has always been, a city of extremes: its climate, hot & dry, then hot & humid, has presented an enormous challenge to European civilisation since settlement.

Darwin has been the site of Australia’s worst natural disaster (Cyclone Tracy -1974) and of its worst wartime disaster (Bombing of Darwin – 1942). It is the country’s furthest outpost, its final frontier.

From the traveller’s point of view Darwin is a major stop. It’s an obvious base for trips to Kakadu National Park, Litchfield National Park and other Top End natural attractions.

Darwin is about the size of a provincial country town (population approx. 110,000) with all the facilities you would expect of a capital city, such as major cultural and social institutions, great restaurants, international hotels and a range of leisure activities. Culturally and ethnically it is Australia’s most diverse city.

Group & Private tours to all areas of the Darwin & its environs are available.

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